Top tips for Internet stability

These days having a stable and reliable wi-fi connection in your home is important, especially as so many of us want to stream our content from the internet and enjoy the high quality that HD brings. These tips could help you get the best from your connection from the router.

Get it up high

Get your router up high in your home, as wireless signals travel better in vertical directions being high up means most of the signal will be spread throughout the ground floor of your home. Try to get it centrally located in your home for optimum results from this tip.

Give your router some space

Routers do not like to share space with other electrical devices or cables, they are quite selfish in this respect. If they are too close to PC’s, TV’s and even fairy lights, these can affect the performance dramatically. They also like to be kept dust free and clear of clutter around.

Add an extender or repeater

Here at Bliss, you can get an extender from us, to extend the range within your home. Although extenders will increase the range, the signal is often reduced by half. You will need to add a few of these around your home to get the best signal.

Second Access point

If you have thick brick walls in your home your signal will degrade as it travels through each wall. We suggest you get either an extender, or for a better result get a second access point wired to another location in your home and spread the cover between the two.

Change that channel

You can change the channel so that your router is broadcasting on to a different one, if a neighbour is using the same channel it will cause signal congestion reducing your Wi-Fi speed and connection. On Windows-based PCs, you can see which channels neighbouring Wi-Fi networks are on using the command prompt, type ‘netsh wlan show all ’ and then hit ‘enter, and you will see a list of all wireless networks and the channels being used in your vicinity. You can also get an app for your mobile phone to do this too.

Quality of Control

One of the best tools for reducing problems with streaming is QOS (quality of service). You can change the priority of each service, so that, streaming, for example, could be prioritised over browsing, or gaming over downloading files.

 We hope these tips will aid you in getting the best from your Wi-Fi connection.