Hello, my new little friend

Welcome to your new router the MikroTik RB951, this promises to be a great new addition to your network. We shall start installation soon for those who have renewed their contract with us.


The model specs indicate that wireless is a lot stronger than the previous model you have. It works on 802.11b/g/n, the ‘n’ means a connection of up to 300mbps. This should increase your wireless speed within your home, though we do also offer a repeater to aid you with getting a good signal throughout. The processor is a 600mhz, more than the 400Mhz, on the previous router. Plus, it has double the RAM at 128 MB.

More ports

This new router also has five LAN ports instead of the four you had before, though one will be already used, meaning you can add yet another wired connection. Wired connections will always be faster speeds than wireless as our blog (Top tips for Internet stability) will explain further.

Tidy Installation

This model also removes the need for two power cables, meaning you have less cables to tidy away out of sight. It is also smaller and has convenient wall mounting holes on the rear.


You will recognise a lot of the interface, and there are little changes to the current one. So, you will find it infinitely tweakable. The QOS (quality of service) is a useful tool, for insuring your streaming is not interrupted by your partners browsing on advert heavy websites. You can also set up a VPN, so you can surf the internet, whilst protecting you from prying hackers’ eyes.

We do hope you will be pleased with the new router and its abilities. We have recently upgraded the network and this router will work in harmony with the improvements.