The Tech behind the Improbable

So, just how do you provide a whole village with the internet, without digging up the roads or tying people into a BT contract and line rental? This was the situation, Chris, the Managing Director of Impelling found himself in, when he decided he needed to get decent broadband connection in his village or Treeton.


Wireless was the obvious answer, this meant getting an internet connection to the village first, and then erecting a mast and ‘beaming’ the connection out. So, a dedicated fibre optic, fully resilient dual-routed cable connection was brought in, each connection is capable of 1,000mbps and both connections are active all the time. So, there is plenty of bandwidth.


The internet connection is then sent up a 45ft mast to several dishes, which then is transmitted wirelessly as a signal. This signal is picked up by the antenna, that we installed onto your home. The signal travels via an ethernet cable, down to the router. We also have several ‘repeaters’, these are masts which push the signal on extending the range, so more homes can connect, even if they are further from the original mast at our premises.

The Connection

The wireless internet signal is not affected by the weather. The only real problem can be interference from other wireless devices working on the same frequencies. Our equipment automatically monitors and adjusts in order to best mitigate the impact of wireless interference.

Upgrades to the Network

We continually look at how to improve our service to our customers and recently we have upgraded the network. Now each repeater site now has 1,000mbps available to use for customer connections. This means we can offer the higher speeds of 50Mb to each customer.