The future of the Internet of things

Now we are sure you will have heard about the Internet of things, but you may be unsure of what it is and how it affects you in your home. So here we are going to explain all about the Internet of things to come.

Internet of Things

This means items which are connected to the internet. This is your PC to start with, but let us look around and you will see, your printer, your mobile devices, your PlayStation, or Xbox. Then you will spot your television, this is where we start to broaden into the internet of things. You may have an internet connected washing machine, or fridge. If you have a Smart-meter, this is also part of that group. Your car may also be connected too.

Why have things connected?

Why would we want things connected to the internet? Because it can help us to run our lives efficiently. Shopping for dinner becomes a breeze, if our fridge tells us what is in it, by sending a list to our mobile phone, for example. The new Apple watch, means you can leave your iPhone at home and yet still take calls. It will also allow business to run more efficiently, monitoring complex manufacturing systems and looking for faults or predicting renewal of consumables.

Categories of things

The list of products can be classified broadly into five different categories: smart wearable, smart home, smart city, smart environment, and smart enterprise. The first two categories we have looked at in your home. The smart city, will mean easier commutes, if the light signals can change timings to reflect the amount of traffic. Lighting that comes on, when and where needed. And reports when the bulb has dimmed and needs replacing.

Machine to Machine

As the internet of things grows and we become more automated, then machines will start to talk to machines. Meaning that the fridge will bypass your phone and send a list straight to the shop, which will process the order and have it delivered. You will not run out of washing powder as your washing machine predicts when to buy it and placing an order into the list your fridge sent.

Security, Privacy, and Data

One area of concern, and must be discussed as we advance towards the internet of things and complete automation, is security, privacy, and storage of data. We already have enough trouble keeping hackers from the internet as we know it now. Governments are already looking at how we will manage to secure, not only our machines and devices, but also a huge amount of data to be stored and kept safe.

The future looks like we will be able to take things easier, but asks us big questions over our privacy and security. How do you feel about the internet of things?