Boost your home Wi-Fi

Here are some useful tips on boosting your home Wi-Fi signal

Use a strong password

As we said in our blog ‘keeping your family safe online’, using a strong password will stop people from stealing your broadband. This will mean you get all the broadband for use in your home.

Use Encryption

Just as the password needs to be secure so does the encryption. Turn on the WPA2-PSK encryption to ensure the security of your home network. As with the point above it will save your network from being hacked.

Change the channel of your router

If the channel your router is broadcasting on is close to the router your neighbours are using then there will be interference, so changing the channel can boost your signal.

Change the frequency

Your router has two options of frequency to broadcast on, the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz, the 2.4ghz will broadcast on a wider range, but is prone to interference from all sorts of devices, including baby monitors and even fairy lights. The 5ghz is a stronger channel and although the range is shorter it should still be large enough for your home.

Turn an old router into a Wi-Fi repeater

Or add access points to your home network, as we explained in top tips for internet stability (link) you can utilise an old router and configure it to act as a Wi-Fi repeater widening the range and strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Try a DIY hack

Some people swear by building a stronger antenna from a ‘Pringles tin’ or similar. The router we provide at Bliss does not need this kind of treatment. Take a deeper look at it here. However, if you are using an older  router then this may work for you.

Use newer devices

Wireless devices work with newer Wi-Fi protocols meaning that speeds of transfer are faster.